Write Only 2

Write Only is a writing app, but not a word processor. It is designed for writers who want to focus on putting thoughts on paper instead of busy editing. Using it feels like sitting in front of a good old typewriter, and watching words jump onto the paper. Its writing interface is clean, minimalistic, and distraction free.

Between you and the paper, there is only one fixed typing head sitting right above the keyboard. You move the paper to adjust where to put down letters. It's far easier than moving cursors and your fingers will be always close to the texts you're typing.

When you open a page, you can start typing on that page by tapping on any location you want. You can adjust margin simply by moving the page. It is ridiculously easy to type aligned texts.

An extension keybar includes frequently used keys like ' or ; that are difficult to access in the default keyboard of iOS.

Everything you put down on the page is permanent. All the typing is saved as a PDF file, including the positions, the font size, and the colors that the texts come out with. No matter where and when you are going to view these pages, they will be kept exactly same as the time you typed them.

Write Only is good for writing the first draft of any kind of work, such as essay, poetry, diary or journal. When you come back to your writings years later, the shapes of the text and the errors you made will help you recall the moments of the writing.



Codowlsky Polopumus on App Store:
Really enjoy this app. It's so basic, that's what makes it great. I love that deleting text isn't very easy and that you have to hit return at the end of each line to avoid typing off the page. This forces you to actively pay attention and remain focused. It's a very peaceful experience.
Billiezahir on App Store:
Was in need of help in curbing my nasty self-editing habit. This gives me the help I needed by not allowing autocorrect to call me stupid because all my focus is capturing the idea(s) my Muse placed in my head for a limited time.
J on App Store:
This app is such a pleasure to use. It simulates a typewriter very accurately. If you are like me, the auto correct is very distracting because it criticizes your words as they come out. Or it will automatically format the upper casing of words like "iPhone" and capitalize words like "Skype". Who do you think paid who to legitimize the word "Skype" in the iOS lexicon? Well with this app, I will never distract myself with those thoughts again.


How to delete a page?
Tap and hold on a page in the pages list.
How to export to PDF?
Use the top right button.

For any further questions, please contact us at support@litchie.com.